"Jai", 18 years, Brazil.

Keane massive fan.

The Staves | Mumford & Sons | Il Volo | American Authors.

Tim Rice-Oxley, Ryan Merchant, Matthew Bellamy
and Gianluca Ginoble are my passions.

I love/like Laura Jansen. Mt. Desolation. Muse. Birdy. American Authors, Capital Cities. Imagine Dragons. The Kooks. Panic! At The Disco. James Blunt. Paul McCartney. Thirteen Senses. Two Door Cinema Club. Franz Ferdinand. Buddy Holly. Arctic Monkeys. Blur. Ed Sheeran. La Oreja de Van Gogh.

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Best Day of My Life- American Authors

Reasons why I don’t like starting conversations first.


  • I feel annoying.
  • I feel like you might not want to talk.
  • I feel unwanted when you don’t reply.
  • It normally turns awkward and fades out.


  • If you talk to me first and make attempts to keep conversation going you are a holy being in my mind.


"Ted's really jet-lagged..."


ok someone just kiss me this is getting old

❝ Me and my wife had a baby, she is a couple months old. Golf is kind of my life, so I’m kind of accusing her of ruining my life, but not really, she’s lovely, she brings joy to my world. ❞

- Tom Chaplin on BBC Radio 2 this morning (via lost-in-strangeland)

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